The place affectionately came to be known as the “Marvelous Melbourne” during the popular gold rush of the 1850s. Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city remains to be called by this name even today. It is situated on the banks of the yarra river which is near to the entrance of Port Phillip Bay. This place is a modern metropolis which is steeped in history. Melbourne has been popularly know by all as the “perfect place for all seasons”.Wandering through the hidden laneways and the grand tree lined streets to chilling out at the city gardens and beaches, this city offers vibrant, vigilant and multicultural nature.

Let us have a look at these 5 great picnic places in Melbourne where you can spend your summer

1. LAKE ENTRANCE   This place of beauty and wonders boasts Australia’s largest inland network of waterways. Since years, lake entrance has been popular for its Gippsland holiday spot for families. It is famous for its location at the edge of the Ninety Mile beach where the Gippsland Lake meets up with the Southern Ocean. You would find this town well equipped with facilities of accommodation and services if you plan a coastal getaway. You would also find the most amazing seafood at Lake entrance because of the huge number of fish trawlers operating there.

2. RYE BEACH   This coastal town of Rye is located at the most famous holiday destination of the mornington Peninsula. It runs parallel along the town’s bay beach and houses a number of hotels, eateries and supermarkets. The main beach if Rye which fronts the Port Phillip offers some amazing safe sandy beaches for swimming as well as boating. The place is equipped with a jetty, numerous boat ramps and stunning foreshore facilities with picnic areas, playgrounds and many others.

3. BLACK ROCK BEACH   It is one of the most pleasant of beaches where you can relax in summers. The water here is pure and clean and the waves are slow so that it does not wreck your swimming. It also has a clean sand and less population so that you can breath in peace. At the top you would encounter a marvelous grassed area which houses some seating area overlooking the beach and beautiful scenery. Black rock beach takes care in planting many native plants to on the dunes such as the lovely poa sp. Grasses.

4. St Kilda beach   You haven’t really enjoyed summer if you haven’t visited a day by the seaside the St Kilda beach yet. This popular place is known for its activity for walkers, joggers and rollerbladers, white kitesurfers, windsurfers, and swimmers. This beach gives you plenty of opportunities for refreshments, bars and restaurants, etc. if you want to experience the unforgettable brush with wildlife, head out to the breakwater to see the little penguins playing with the rocks.

5. MORNINGTON PENINSULA   One sentence that would define this place would be “so fresh and so tempting…” If you plan to go out in Summer to have a nice picnic, Mornington Peninsula brings to you fresh new things to do, eat and try the most unusual of things. The place invites you for seasonal produce, glorious gardens, golf greens, vineyards and the amazing experiences. Spend an entire day at the beach relaxing your stressed mind and then go touring the historic seaside villages. Be sure to fill your holidays with a diverse array of activities and award winning renowned eateries.