Ayurveda has remedies to treat many health issues using natural methods and therapies. Vasti, a natural element of AYurveda helps with back pain relief effectively and easily. Vasti is the procedure where heat of medicated oils is the active ingredient which when applied to the affected area in a particular way, alleviates the pain. The warm medicated oil is applied using a pattern/ frame formed over the inflamed area for a specific duration. There are four types of Vasti o help relief from pain and other health issues – Shiro (head) Vasti, Greeva (neck) Vasti and Kati (back) Vasti and Janu (knee) Vasti.

Shiro Vasti :- Shiro Vasti is an ayurvedic procedure focussed on pain relief from head where the head is covered by a cap leaving it hollow inside to retain oil for a certain period. The herbal oil that stays in the head area not only reduces the pain but also leaves the person in a state of calmness for an extended period of time.
Benefits of Shiro Vasti:-
Shiro Vasti cures issues related to the head, brain and neurological problems such as migraine, chronic headache, depression and throbbing pain in head.

Greeva Vasti :- The procedure to alleviate pain from neck (Greeva) is done by applying heat to the cervical region by holding warm medicated oil with in a specially formed frame over the affected area.
Benefits of Greeva Vasti:-
It thoroughly cleanses and refines the blood, builds and maintains the strength of muscles and connective tissues, Greeva Vasti helps in keeping the joints smooth as the treatment makes them flexible and pain free. Greeva vasti lightens neck and upper back conditions like cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, pain due to over strain etc.

Kati Vasti :-
Kati refers to the waist / back of body and treating pain or inflammation in this area with warm ayurvedic oils (Vasti) is an effective back pain relief method. Kati Vasti as such involves retention of hot medicated oil locally over the lumbo-sacral region (lower back) for a specified duration. A herbal paste boundary is formed around this region while the oil prepared carefully from select herbal ingredients is poured over this boundary to ensure it stays for duration of the treatment. The leak proof oil confined within this herbal boundary nourishes the nerves and alleviates pain. For an effective back pain relief, Kati vasti should be repeated at least 3 -4 times and the gap between treatments depends on the intensity of pain and how inclined a person is for back pain relief.

Benefits of Kati Vasti:-
People can clearly feel the curing benefits of herbal oils used in deep tissue herbal massage. The oils help in deep cleansing and enrichment of the blood, enhance the strength of muscles and lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and pain free. Kati Vasti is very helpful with back pain relief as the nerves are nourished with warm oils relieving the person from pain and numbness.
The overall benefit of Kati Vasti is an energized feeling and a few preventive sessions can help with effective back pain relief. The treatment per session costs $80 but a package of 5 sessions is available at reduced costs for you to get a real value from the treatment. Call today at 0450 609 339 for the discount on multiple sessions.