Edmon, a very senior chef at Benefit meals prepares these healthy meals everyday from fresh ingredients. Read what Edmon wants to say about the fresh and lean calorie counted meals.

For the past 30 years my love of passion has been in the food industry servicing the general public in providing commitment to quality and value. After many hours in the gym working out and noticing frozen meals in fridges.My mind was racing in overdrive thinking I can do this. Why don’t I start preparing fresh meals instead of frozen.I set about building a commercial kitchen in Hallam.Coming up with the name was a task, then I thought about what is going to Benefit every-one in gyms and homes alike in the long run.Hence the name Benefit Meals was created.

I pride myself in delivering great tasting, fresh, nutritious and healthy meals to a number of gyms. Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain or maintaining weight, Benefit Meals will help you achieve your goals. I take all reasonable precautions and exercise diligence to ensure that the product I sell is safe and of utmost quality. Benefit Meals has adapted a Food Safety program based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points principles (HACCP)