Why should I visit a temple if God is everywhere? You would have heard of this statement many times, particularly by the people at young age and folks who boast of being highly reasonable and pragmatic. Going to a temple is not only about visiting a holy place with statues and worshipping (pooja). It is all about the peace, serenity and a feeling of oneness with God (or the superpower) when you are physically there.

Positive Energy – The overall environment has a positive energy and despite having same God idols or statues at your home, I personally feel a difference with a type of energy field at the temple. The God idols are always placed in a positive centric place in the temple, also referred as the Garbhagriha or Moolasthaan – the location having high earth’s magnetic waves.

Trust and complete surrender – Many people when visit the temple in a state of mind which is more where there is no ego, hatred, jealousy and lesser negative feelings. There is a feeling of surrender and you are relaxed when you enter the temple and you bow down or fold hands wholeheartedly in front of your deities. People naturally share their guilts and have that unshaken trust when they ask for something (mannat) from God.

Role of sound – Usually temples have a bell near the entrance or near the God idols. The sound (Dhwani) emitted by these bells create a unity in both sides of our brain. The echo created by the sound emitted stays for few seconds, the echo the form of an echo. These 7 seconds are enough to activate all the seven healing centres in the body.