Changes to overseas qualification assessment – probably some good news
The overseas qualified professionals generally require recognition of their qualifications in order to start working or advance their career in Victoria. The job of the Overseas qualification Unit (OQU) in Victoria is to provide these qualified professionals a proper assessment of their overseas qualification.
A new online application for the overseas qualification assessment has been introduced by Victoria, making it easy to apply. This is a great convenience where all the applications made for the overseas qualification assessment can easily be done online. An overseas qualification unit is basically an official document confirming recognition of the overseas qualification as well as its comparable level in Australia. It follows the guidelines set by Australian Government department of education assessment.

There are multiple benefits of having overseas qualifications assessed locally in Australia –

  1. It can be provided directly to the employer’s, human resource department, recruitment agents, etc for a job prospect in specific area of your expertise.
  2. It is a good highlight in your resume. For example you can write that your qualification has been assessed by the Victorian Government’s OQU and is comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor Degree.
  3. You can claim credits in an educational institute and save your time and fee amount by not repeating that part of the course for which you have been assessed by OQU. This is applicable in a large number of institutions – professional, technical / educational.

Usually , this assessment would take around 12 weeks to complete. With an aim to process this system quickly and efficiently, applications are now being done online too. Australian citizens can always check their eligibility for an assessment within 2 years of returning to Australia to settle permanently. Assessment of a tertiary studies overseas can only be done for an Australian citizen if he / she has a valid award certificate resulting from at least one year full time study.

These are few cases where you are not eligible for an OQU assessment:

  • Australian degrees or qualifications (OQU is for assessment of overseas qualifications)
  • Overseas short courses (less than one year full time study)
  • Overseas short courses with single-subject certificates or diplomas (less than one year full time study)
  • Overseas licenses, permits or work experience documents
  • Overseas apprenticeships or trade qualifications