Quinoa (pronounced “KEEN-wah”) dates back to around 3000 years ago when the Quinoa seed was found to be actually good for humans to consume. This seed then evolved as a treasure because Quinoa has been referred by people as a nutrition food that can boost up the stamina !
Now who would not want to know the benefits of this amazing superfood ? Here are seven of the top benefits of Quinoa –

1 The nutritious food –

This grain crop is popular for its edible seed which is prepared and eaten similarly to a grain. It was named by its founders as the mother of all grains because they believed this grain to be sacred for them. The nutrient content of just 1 cup of Quinoa grain amounts to a total of 222 calories, 39 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fat. Apart from these, there is also a small amount of omega -3 fatty acids found in it.

2 Protein-rich –

Quinoa seed is one of the most protein rich you could eat with all the essential amino acids. One cup of quinoa amounts to 8 grams of quality protein and that makes it really excellent plant based protein for vegans and vegetarians too.

3 The quantity of fiber is twice much more than the other grains –

Fiber rich food is well known for helping patients during constipation. Quinoa being fiber rich helps to lower cholesterol and glucose levels as well as prevents the risk of getting hemorrhoids. It improves metabolism and even reduces high blood pressure and diabetes. This lowers the risks of metabolic diseases and heart diseases. One cup of quinoa seed contains 17-27 grams of fiber which is more than enough to keep you healthy. However, boiled quinoa may contain less fiber as it absorbs so much water.

4 Quinoa has high iron content –

Iron (mineral) in our body keeps red blood cells healthy and helps in hemoglobin formation. The function of iron is to carry one cell to another and supply oxygen to our muscles to assist in contraction. Iron also boosts the brain function as the brain takes up about 20% of blood oxygen.

5 Quinoa is also rich in magnesium –

Quinoa also has very high magnesium content with about 30% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) in one cup. Magnesium is known to relax blood vessels and therefore, reduce migraine. It also helps in reducing type 2 diabetes as it keeps the blood sugar under control.

6 Quinoa is high in antioxidants –

Antioxidants are known for their ability to neutralize free radicals and also help in fighting aging and many diseases. According to a research, out of the 10 foods (cereals, pseudocereals and legumes), quinoa has the highest antioxidant contents in it.

7 Quinoa may help in weight loss –

It is a common understanding that in order to lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn. Quinoa is amongst those few grains that have properties to facilitate this, and quinoa further helps by boosting metabolism and reducing appetite. As we said above, Quinoa is high in protein, it increases metabolism as well as lowers the calories. Quinoa is capable of reducing your appetite because of the high amount of fibre that makes your stomach full.

Quinoa has a very delicious taste and makes a very great ingredient in every food in your kitchen. From baking to breakfast grain, you could use it anywhere. It could also be used in hot dishes, snacks, salad and burgers.