Blackberry is a plant whose fruits or leaves are used to make a medicine to treat diseases like diarrhoea, gout, diabetes, pain and swelling.

People also use it as a mouth rinse to cure irritation in mouth and throat. Even though blackberrys are really nutritious for your health.

There are some side effects to this fruit. These plump velvety berries can lead to a lot of health issues which are listed below:-

1 Changes in urine color – Blackberry is usually noticed that a healthy urine is pale golden yellow in color. However, if you notice a change in the color of your urine you should seek immediate medical attention. In other cases, if your urine is red or light brown in color, it is most likely to have been caused due to excessive consumption of foods that have pigmentation like blackberries. If the problem persists, it might be harmful to your kidneys too.

2 Look out for added sugar – naturally, the fresh blackberries would be low in sugar. If you take 1 cup of fresh blackberries it would contain approximately 7 grams of sugar in it. However a canned blackberry would have 50 grams of sugar. High levels of consumption of sugar could lead to obesity and thus it is recommended to take sugar in a limit daily. Thus, it is advised to choose unsweetened blackberries to remove extra sugar.

3 Too much fiber – Blackberries contain a high level of fiber (almost 8 grams per one cup serving). Even though this a health benefit to most of the people, some may be prone to diseases due to this. People requiring a low fiber diet might get small intestinal problems or digestive complaints, such as diverticula as a result of excessive consumption of blackberries. In such cases, the person should avoid eating blackberries or any fresh fruits with skins and seeds.

4 Blackberries are harmful to some people as it can cause harmful allergic reactions in just few minutes of its consumption. It could also occur after a few days of ingestion, expressed in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and edema of mucous membrane.