This famous crunchy, crisp and refreshing vegetable which is known as Celery is a low calorie one and could be eaten raw or cooked. We have always heard about the vast benefits of celery but never have we learnt about what could happen if we consume celery in excess. It has a lot of side effects because it is high in fibre and sodium. If you eat it in large quantities, you would be at a trouble. Even though celery is a healthy diet you should not make it a central element of your diet. It is always a good choice to include a variety of vegetables in your meal daily for a healthy nutrition.

Let us discuss some side effects of celery now.

1 Celery is high in fiber – Celery has a large quantity of fiber present in it i.e one cup of celery contains 1.6 grams of fiber. Even though it is just 4.6% to 8% of the fiber that is recommended to consume, it might prove to be a complication for those people who don’t have a diet high in fiber. It is usually said that a diet which is rich in fiber would be tremendously beneficial to the health. However, too much of it can cause digestive complications, including constipation, gas and abdominal pain.

Apart from this celery is known to alo contain a high amount of insoluble fiber which causes pain to your digestive tract.

2 Celery is high in residual pesticides – Celery is known to be containing the most residual pesticides. Pesticides are known to be harmful toxins which would cause toxicity to your brain or nervous system if used regularly. They might also create some hormonal complications as well as cancer. They can also increase your chances of skin, eye and lung irritation. You should either limit your consumption of these celeries with high pesticides or switch to organic celery.

3 There is a risk of possible allergies from celery –Celery allergy is a very common disease that common people get affected with. People who suffer from pollen allergies may experience some allergy symptoms when eating celery. Some of the symptoms of it would include slight itching of the throat to more severe cases.

4 Malnutrition issues – Celery is supposed to make up your healthy diet but it is a fact that you are not receiving all the nutrients you need. Even though celery is rich in vitamins A and K, it lacks vitamin B,C, D and E. Celery is known to contains some calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and sodium, but in really small amounts. Thus, even if you ate a lot of calories, you would still remain malnourished.