Summer brings along a lot of cooling cucumbers to munch on.

They make an excellent dish to your salads, pasta or sandwich. Or you could only grill them with a seasoning of your choice.

There are a variety of things you could make with cucumber and it is healthy too. However, with so much goodness, comes some negative effects too. As too much of anything is harmful, cucumbers can cause embarrassing belches as well as itchy skin too.

Let us talk about some of the side effects of cucumbers now

1 Cucumbers could be toxic – Cucumbers contain some harmful toxins like cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids which is bad for health. The bitter taste that you experience in cucumbers is because of these toxins too. According to some studies it has been proven that this refreshing veggie could be life threatening if consumed in excess.

2 Causes excessive loss of fluid – as mentioned above, cucumbers contain cucurbitin which is known to possess innate diuretic properties. Even though it might be mild, if you take excess of it these would become huge which might prove to be less harmful for you. If it is ingested in a large quantity, this diuretic ingredient would cause excessive elimination of fluid from your body. This would hamper the electrolytic balance in your body. In extreme conditions, it could leave you gravely dehydrated!

3 Cucumbers is harmful for renal system – There is a medical condition called hyperkalemia which happens due to the presence of high potassium content in your body. It could cause problems like bloating, abdominal cramps and intestinal gas. With time, the condition would worsen which would hamper the functioning of kidneys too. This, in turn, puts your renal system at the risk of succumbing to damages.

4 Your heart might be at a risk – Cucumber, as you all know, contains more than 90% of water in it. And drinking excess leads to excessive ingestion of this fiber loaded veggie. The higher the water intake, the higher the net volume of blood will be. This, in turn, exerts pressure on the blood vessels and on the heart. The result – your heart and blood vessels will incur unwanted damages. Excessive presence of water could also create an imbalance in the electrolyte levels of the blood, which actually causes the seepage in cells. This will lead to frequent headaches and obstructed breathing.

5 Cucumbers causes sinusitis – If you are a person who suffers from sinusitis or any kind of chronic respiratory conditions, then it is highly advised that you stay away from eating cucumber. If Ayurvedic practitioners are to be believed, the cooling effects of these veggies aggravate such conditions, leading to complications.