Considering the difficulties that Indian migrants face while having their Indian Licenses verified to have them converted into the Victorian licenses, there has been a new process put up now by the Victorian authority VicRoads to make it easier. The advantage for Indian migrants is that there is no need to organise Indian Driver Licenses Verification (IDLV) certificate which is issued by the Indian Consulate at Melbourne. According to VicRoads, they will first check and verify the Indian Licenses through a “range of tools and online channels” thus making it more convenient.
Helen Lindner who is the director of Registration and Licensing practice of VicRoads says in an interview that “Where a licence cannot be verified through these avenues, VicRoads will seek confirmation directly from the Indian Consulate. We have established a dedicated channel for this process.” With the onset of this new process, applicants would get a much speedier response. It would also enable them to begin the testing process as well as obtain their Victorian driver license.

The applicants are now being advised to get in touch with the VicRoads directly if they want to convert their Indian driving license into a Victorian driving license. However, the VicRoads might want to seek verification certificate if there is any doubt regarding authenticity of the Indian License of anyone. These kind of cases would be pointed out to the CGI Melbourne for a detailed verification to get the IDLV certificate issued by VicRoads. VicRoads would meanwhile continue working with the consulate and the Indian community to make the process more refined.

This came in effect with the earlier inconvenience that the Indian migrants faced when their driver licenses were turned down by VicRoad claiming that they were not original documents. Even though those certificates were issued by the Consulate General of India, the migrants were instead asked to obtain a learner’s license. Many of the citizen’s livelihoods were at stake because of this as they could not drive anymore with their oversea license cancelled.

Some rules for verification of Indian’s Driver License for temporary and permanent visas holders are listed below:

Driver’s License for temporary visa holders:
If you have a temporary visa then –

  1. It is not necessary for you to obtain a Victorian driver license or a learner permit.
  2. You are free to drive using the present overseas driver license you possess till the time you stay.
  3. You must ensure that the driver’s license you hold is written in English or have an english translation of any language.

Driver’s License for Permanent Visa holders:
If you have a permanent Visa issued under migration act 1958 then you are free to drive on your overseas driver’s license for

  1. Just 6 months starting from the date you first entered Australia.
  2. 6 months from the date when your permanent visa was issued.